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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?
We save you valuable time : 
You are provided access to a portfolio of area photographers, caterers, bakers, ceremony and reception sites, musicians or anyone in the  wedding service community. A wedding consultant is your researcher who helps you to find the service professionals who will meet your style, taste and most importantly your budget.

We save you stress and worry : 
An average wedding can take more then 250 hours just to plan. Ask yourself if you can afford that time away from your school/work. A professional wedding consultant has the knowledge and experience to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

We save you money : 
You are given a comprehensive budget analysis that allows you to determine your estimated cost. The knowledge acquired by the consultant's years of working with the professionals allows you to choose someone who will work with your budget giving you the best service available. Wedding service retailers know the consultant will continue using their product and services only as long as they provide quality at a fair price.

We save the Day (or week) : 
The wedding week is full of last minute details that must come together- not by chance- but by clear, unemotional decisions and orchestration. Keeping everyone on task for the wedding day is stressful for the bride and family, but it's a normal day’s work for a qualified wedding consultant 


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